Send Us Out to Build Us Up

Send us out
- God's purpose fulfilled through us:
  • this is a prayer to ask God to show us where he is specifically calling us to go
  • this is a request to church leaders to keep an outward looking focus: God bless his us so that we can be a blessing to others
  • this is an appeal that those we send out go with the blessing, support and encouragement of all of us.

Build us up - God's promises fulfilled in us:

  • this is a prayer to ask God to build us up for we are his workmanship
  • this a requested to church leaders to focus on building Christians up to maturity
  • this is an appeal to one another to use our gifts to build one another as the body of Christ

Mission Statement

Worship, Ministry, Spiritual Development and Outreach

We believe that our Lord sent out his disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit to declare his wonderful works to the world. We are likewise sent, and every aspect of church life within our community must have this in view. and power,

Services - our services should give opportunity for all to experience God's love and power,to hear his voice and to worship him through traditional and charismatic forms.

Activities all groupings should be discovering how God wants his salvation to be demonstrated through us and shared with the community.

Personal we commit ourselves to follow God’s direction revealed in his Word and prayer, for ourselves as individuals and the combined church. To pray for our Church leaders and each other, as we all play our God-given part and love one another in the Church’s mission to the community.